Monitoring and Evaluation Component

evaluation and monitoring

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Department provides NESMARK Departments with better means for learning from past experience, improving product/service delivery, planning and allocating in advance, and demonstrating results as part of responsibility and achievements of NESMARK.

Its main work consists in as follows:

  • Monitoring all the traditional and non traditional outlets to evaluate how the work is done from the sales team and the Marketing and Communication Department (if there are posters, stickers or leaflets).
  • Analyzing the sales data to see what products are selling each of the pharmacies, how often are visited from the sales team, which are the products they sell most etc.
  • Following and evaluating the work of the Training Department.
  • Monitoring and collaborating in the activities carried out by the Marketing and Communication Department in order to improve them.

Performance assessment aims to pull together comprehensive information on all aspects of the products/services provided by NESMARK. The aim of this is not just to find out what is happening, but also to help NESMARK to make progress in fulfilling the goals and objectives. To achieve this it is important to monitor progress towards main priorities, identify and act on potential service failures and promote improvements where necessary. This complements work to collect end-year data and carry out in-depth evaluation of sales/services. The experiences from past years have provided invaluable information for the development of future work