Social Marketing

social Marketing

Social Marketing is a development approach that applies modern commercial marketing techniques for humanitarian aims. The aim is to find solutions to social issues through behavior change.
Social Marketing improves the quality of life by offering family planning users a real choice through better access to information, products and services at affordable prices.
NESMARK during its work, uses the principles of social marketing to:

  • Continuously provide Family Planning products and services countrywide.
  • Develop and distribute information, education and behavioural change communication materials.
  • Strengthen Family Planning health centers capacity for better service delivery.

NESMARK also aims to:

  • Make people aware of the advantages of using contraceptive methods that will empower individuals and couples to decide the number of children they want and when they wish to have them.
  • Provide high quality contraceptives at affordable prices for every strata of the population.
  • Improve the quality of life and reduce infant and maternal mortality through better Family Planning products and services.
  • Increase awareness of safer sexual practices to reduce sexually transmitted infections (STI’s) including HIV/AIDS.

Taking into consideration the above mentioned, one might pose the question: How does NESMARK accomplish all of these? NESMARK has in its organizational structure the Department of Social Marketing. One of the main purposes of this Department is to cover the whole territory of Albania with NESMARK products applying modern sales techniques.
NESMARK products are distributed directly to pharmacies and retail outlets by dedicated NESMARK salesmen throughout Albania.

Condoms NESMARK markets 3 (three) brands of condoms. Currently NESMARK is the biggest distributor of condoms in Albania.
Oral Contraceptive Pills NESMARK markets one brand of oral contraceptive pills.
Injectable Contraceptive NESMARK markets one brand of injectable contraceptives.
Emergency Contraceptives NESMARK markets only brand of emergency contraception.
Pregnancy Tests NESMARK's only non-contraceptive products are Pregnancy Tests.